Архив рубрики: The Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX)

Urals day — SPIMEX Urals deliverable futures contract presentation

titleAs the leading hydrocarbons exporter the Russian oil and gas industry has been a key player in the international market. Understanding the current specifics and trends of Russian crude exports is essential to assessing and forecasting the global market.
As the organiser of this event, St Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange (SPIMEX), Russia’s leading commodity exchange, seeks to assist international partners in developing efficient engagement with Russian exporters, understanding trends in Russian production, trading Russian crude, logistical and risk management tools
available. Partnered with Russian majors, government regulators, the leading industry information agencies, SPIMEX will be providing an intensive, information packed conference day culminating in a cocktail reception.
The industry’s benchmarking and derivative contract base develops to reflect the changing commercial, geological and production environment. Exchanges and pricing agencies seek to provide up to date sophisticated tools for hedging, pricing, benchmarking, market transparency. St Petersburg International Mercantile
Exchange and its clearing partner SDCO seek to provide a dedicated risk management and security of supply tool for exporters and buyers of Russian export crude.
One of the key elements on the agenda is the Urals based deliverable futures contract with FOB Primorsk delivery point which is being launched by SPIMEX later this year.

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Test trades in oil for export

10637_bnhoverEfforts to create a new pricing mechanism for the Russian crude oil exports include test trades in SPIMEX Urals Crude Futures, SPIMEX ESPO Crude Futures and SPIMEX Diesel Futures.

Such test trades are held at the SPIMEX Game Server. Access is granted to all potential participants to upcoming real trades in physically settled SPIMEX Urals Crude Futures (Russian oil exporters, buyers, brokers and other traders) who are able go through technical procedures of how to connect to the SPIMEX trading platform, get acquainted to it, try various strategies, place test orders and make test transactions. Test trades do not require any delivery or cash settlement. The relevant document flow may be tested in SPIMEX Connect.

The Game server is available on a daily basis (Monday – Friday) from 10:00 till 17:00 Moscow time.

Please note that test trades are held in weekly futures contracts (while real life SPIMEX futures are physically settled monthly contracts). Relevant trade reports (trading bulletins, extracts from the Trades List and extracts from the Register of Orders) are sent to all participants of test trades.

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Products traded at the SPIMEX Game server:

U SPIMEX Urals Crude Futures (FOB Primorsk)
E SPIMEX ESPO Crude Futures
D SPIMEX Diesel Futures


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Approved by the Board of Directors of Closed Joint Stock Company Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange on July 03, 2015 (Minutes No. 94)

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Approved by the Board of Directors of SDCO (CJSC), Minutes No. SD-9/2015 dated August 10, 2015

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